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Hello, my loyal friends and subscribers. I hope this finds you well.

I simply couldn’t resist giving this week’s blog the title that I did because it accurately captures the moment. Follow this link to catch this as a vlog instead. I’ve reached the big 90 in blogs, and it happens to coincide with me throwing myself into all sorts of new adventures hence why I’m ‘up to 90’, in more ways than one. I read an article in the Irish Times ages ago that looked at ‘Irishisms’ and ‘up to 90’ was described as follows: ‘Stressed out, agitated, unbelievably busy. Could mean at 90mph, or reaching boiling point, or with a heart rate of more than 90bpm. For some reason, ‘up to 90’ tends to be used more by Irish women than men.’ Mmm, I wonder why that is. Well, they do say that if you want a job done ask a busy woman.

And there you have it. Except I’m not at all agitated. I prefer to think that I’m more excited. Excited to be living my best life, doing the things that make me feel like I’m making the most of the time that I’ve got left on this beautiful planet. I don’t know exactly how long that is, but I can assure you that I will not be allowing any room for regret. I keep in mind what I’ve learnt from others, that when people reach the end it’s the things that they didn’t do which they regret the most. I remain mindful to beware the barenness of a busy life which is why I only do the things that are important and meaningful.

You know the answer

So, on that note, what is it in your heart that you want to do before your time is up? Only you know the answer to this. You are the expert in your life, and never let anyone tell you different. Turning inwards away from the external influences of other people’s lives will bring us closer to the truth of what it is that gives meaning to our lives. We don’t all want the same things hence why only you can figure this out. I see people posting stories of their globetrotting, others post photos of their food and wine at expensive venues, or there are those who love to celebrate their big achievements like completing an Ironman, or someone else might have overcome some major challenge to their wellbeing. I’m all for sharing in their celebrations but it’s hard to fully do this if your heart is full of yearning. You can either stay stuck in your limited mindset of not believing that you too can have something to celebrate, or you can be inspired enough to follow your heart.

Juggling a few balls

I’m writing to you from the bus that is taking me to an appointment in the city. I’m juggling a few balls at the moment so I have to do what I can when I can. I’m not complaining, far from it. My body might be getting old judging by the aches and pains it screams at me every morning, but my mind is behaving like a spring lamb, jumping for joy amongst the spring wildflowers that are now bursting into life and spreading their colour everywhere. Spring will officially begin this week here in the southern hemisphere and I just love it. It really is a time of rebirth and a chance to reset after a winter of doing less. I wrote a few months ago about the importance of being still, how it allows us to gather our energy and decide where we want to send it. Thanks to my daily meditation practice, I am beginning to see my true desires emerging from the chaos that is this crazy fast-paced life that has taken hold of us. I know what I want now, more than I ever did.

Write to be fulfilled

For me to write, I need to feel inspired. If I don’t write, I don’t feel fulfilled. I’m discovering that to do anything meaningful we all need some inspiration. So, where does it come from? For me it comes from a number of sources, as I’m sure it does for you, too. I take my greatest inspiration from magical and joyful experiences such as a beautiful sunset, or the dew on a leaf in the peace of an early morning, the way a cow encourages her calf to nuzzle into her in a protective way, the stars in the night sky, or in the simple way my husband sometimes takes my hand in his without uttering a word. These experiences make me feel hopeful, they fill me with a sense of connection. They light a fire inside of me. How is your fire doing right now? Does it need stoking? Are you doing something that might be putting it out or letting it get out of control? Take a moment to look inside and ask yourself are you tending to the fire that is your fuel, the thing that gives you the drive to live your life your way.

Taking a big risk

It is true what the Dalai Lama says about great love and great achievements; they require great risk. This week I’ll be stepping way out of my comfort zone and taking a big risk. One of my pieces of writing has been selected for stage! I have been invited to tell the story to an audience in Perth on Thursday night who have paid good money to be entertained by a line-up of storytellers. I’m not allowed any notes, and I’ve been told not to memorise the piece which is 1,300 words in length! Needless to say, I am absolutely plankin’ it! (There’s another Irishism for you). It really does feel as though I’ll be walking the plank and taking a plunge into deep water. Except I’ve been reassured that the audience will be on my side. The majority of them apparently love to hear stories, are willing to be a good audience and wish they could be me – that person on the stage who is able to be vulnerable and allow themselves to connect with the audience in a personal way. I will be paid too, which is a bonus. My husband, kids and a friend have promised to be there to support me, so I’ll not feel too adrift at sea. I will let you know how it goes. I might even post a video on my website.

In the meantime, I’d better get on with practicing it… only three more sleeps, yikes!

Wish me luck.

I’ll leave you for today with this thought: Comfort zones might feel nice when you’re in them, but nothing ever grows there. If you want to grow and thrive, step out now and do something that lights that fire of yours and makes you feel alive. You are worth it, and you deserve to thrive.

Love, Gill 💚


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